Hollow Fiber Membranes

The PES and PVDF hollow fiber membranes manufactured by UCMST have permanent hydrophilicity, and the adsorption of organic pollutants is greatly weakened. The UC hydrophilic hollow fiber membrane has excellent long-term anti-fouling and stable filtration properties. In addition, the cross-sectional structure of the hollow fiber membrane is a heterogeneous sponge-like structure which exhibits a significant gradient change from the filter skin layer to the support layer in the radial direction. UC membrane with high water flux and uniform pore size could run very well under low pressure. 


1.High flux: The morphological structure of membranes is a gradient and interconnective sponge-like pore structure on cross section with high porosity.

2. Excellent antifouling: The modified membranes with good hydrophilicity have excellent antifouling property.

3. High selectivity: The membranes have uniform pore on the skin layer.

4. Serial membrane products:

    Membrane materialPES and PVDF.

    Pore size: UF: MWCO6K - 150KDa,  MF: 0.05μm - 0.65μm.

    Inner lumen: ID: 0.3mm - 3.5mm.

5. Application in many fields: coal chemical industry, iron and steel industry, papermaking ,food processing, pharmacy, petrochemical industry, municipal wastewater treatment, etc.

Product performance

1.Hydrophilic  Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membranes

2.Hydrophilic Hollow Fiber Microfiltration Membranes

3.Submerged Hollow Fiber Membranes

4.Large Flux Pressureless Hollow Fiber Membranes 

Product information