Microtubular HF membrane

Tianjin unicore membrane technology Co., Ltd. further expands the product diversity on the basis of hollow fiber membrane manufacturing technology, achieving the goal of the size control of the inner/outer diameter of hollow fiber membrane on the basis of ensuring the high filtration accuracy and permanent hydrophilicity of the hollow fiber membranes.

The high solid content and viscosity of feed liquid is easy to cause serious fouling during membrane filtration. In order to cope with these special separation industries, the research team of UC Membrane technology has analyzed the experimental data and innovated the technology for 3 years. We have developed a serious of microtubular hollow fiber membranes with a wide flow channel (inner diameter 1.5-3.5 mm)

Hollow fiber membranes are the dominant in the water treatment industry, but they are not suitable for special separation industry. The micro-tubular membranes overcome the serious break-off and membrane fouling of the hollow fiber membrane in the special separation industry. Microtubular membranes are new products for special separation industries. Microtubular membrane has been successfully applied in the fermentation industry, food industry, electrophoresis paint reuse and oil removal projects. To address these issues in various industries such as complex composition of feed liquid, high solid content, chemical variability of extract liquid, we have developed dedicated microtubular membrane for each industry. These include UC fermentation fluid special membrane module, UC food and beverage special membrane module, UC electrophoresis paint special membrane module, UC oil removal and filtration special membrane module, etc.